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PoP it

Create visual evidence, timestamped and provenly yours. "Proof of Picture"

  1. Make a Picture
  2. Put a Hash of the picture on the blockchain with Op_Return
  3. Proof of Picture

An open source mobile app build for the BCH blockchain. BCHDevconNL, 2018

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A camera app for iPhone and Android to create photos with cryptographic proof utilizing the BCH blockchain.
Whenever visual evidence is needed, just take a photo. The app creates a unique identifier (sha-256 hash)
and record it on the public Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

Demo image


How to install the app?

Download the iPhone app at and install it. When you open the wallet for the first time you will see your public key. Load the wallet with some Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You are now ready to use the app!

How to use the app?

Open the app, and click on the big + sign to create a new picture. All your previous picture’s recorded on the blockchain are listed below this button. Create a picture of anything that requires visual evidence. The photo is stored on your phone. Confirm that you wish to record this photo on the blockchain. The records the identifier (hash) of the photo on the blockchain for you. Now you can send the photo and the transaction ID to provide the visual evidence to anyone you would like.